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Do you need an inclusive and vibrant space to host your event?

Our space is available to rent for both private and public events.

Events hosted at Crescent Collective can be anything from live music, art shows, movement based classes, private parties, organization meetings, live performances, or any social/private event that is viable in our space. 

If you want to rent our space or collaborate with us to host an event, please email us with a description of your intended use of the space and your preferred date/times.  Rates for space rental are listed below.

Venue Details

Seating & Tables

We currently have 28 chairs available for use, plus 3 double sided booths & 1 single sided booth. The booths are mobile and can fit 2-3 people per seat.

As for tables, we have two 3x5ft tables & 1 2x4ft table.

Guests are allowed to bring their own chairs and tables as well.


Our parking lot includes an assigned handicap parking spot & handicap accessible entrance via the parking lot door.

There are plenty of seating options available of varying size and material. 

Both bathrooms are roomy and handicap accessible.

For those who need public transportation, there are multiple bus stops within a short distance from the venue. 


You can fully customize the lighting create the ideal ambiance for your event. We offer a variety of LED lights such as our neon moon light, lights integrated into the stage, and bulb lights, all offering hundreds of color & pattern options to choose from, plus multiple sound responsive settings that are perfect for music based events!


  • 10x10ft stage

  • 2 Gender neutral & handicap bathrooms

  • Wifi

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Retro mini fridge

  • 2 working water fountains

  • Pedestals & foldout walls

  • Smoke machine

  • Smart TV with Apple Play

  • Patio heaters*

Sound Equipment

There are Bluetooth speakers available for use, which work well for most events. For events that are more so music forward such as a concert, we suggest bringing your own PA system and speakers. There are also rental places in Richmond if you do not own the equipment.

We have a small parking lot that is accessible from 18th street. If the parking is full or being used for one of our events, there is plenty of nearby street parking in the surrounding neighborhood!Additional parking is available at Body Arc, our other space nearby. This parking lot can be used for event parking on the weekends in the afternoons & evenings, please do not use during the week.

*There are 2 large patio heaters available for use. Guests may bring their own propane tanks, or rent the ones we have available. Guests may rent propane  for $8 an hour, per tank.

Rental Rates

For rentals that are 6 hours or more, a complimentary hour is added on for setup/breakdown. 


1 hour



1 hour


2 hours


2 hours


3 hours


3 hours


4 hours


4 hours


5 hours


5 hours


6 hours


Rentals exceeding 6 hours are $100 an hour

6 hours


Rentals exceeding 6 hours are $80 an hour

Weekend rates start on Fridays at 4pm

Book an

1800 Decatur St.

Richmond, VA 23224

Thanks for submitting!


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